Sued by one of these Debt Collectors or Debt Buyers?

We can help you Defend Debt Collection Lawsuits, including lawsuits filed by the following Debt Buyers:

  • Midland Funding
  • Midland Credit Management, Inc.
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates
  • LVNV Funding
  • Jefferson Capital Systems
  • Absolute Resolutions Investments
  • Crown Asset Management
  • Cavalry SPV I, LLC.
  • Credit Corp Solutions
  • Cascade Capital
  • Galaxy Purchasing International
  • Cascade Capital
  • Credit Security Services
  • Oliphant Financial
  • Persolve Recoveries
  • Resurgent Receivables
  • Second Round Sub
  • Velocity Investments
  • Unifund CCR
  • UHG I


Talk to an Experienced Debt Collection Defense Attorney About Your Case on a Free Consultation Today

At the Heritage Law Group, we focus our practice on helping people that are facing financial difficulties because of being sued by creditors, debt collectors, and debt buyers. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced debt defense attorney.  Let us show you how we may be able to help you like we have thousands of other Floridians facing debt collection lawsuits, with either no fees or costs from you, or, in certain types of cases, with no fees or costs from you, unless we win your case.

During your free consultation the attorney will discuss with you:

  • What to expect in court and what will happen if you don't appear, and why it is important to have an experienced debt defense attorney fighting for you
  • Legal defenses you may have to the Lawsuit
  • Is the debt yours?
  • Is the amount correct?
  • Has the collector violated State or Federal law with aggressive, deceptive, or unfair actions, that entitle you to money damages?
  • Has the statute of limitations run? (Is the debt too old to legally sue you?)
  • Is it the original creditor or a "junk debt buyer" that is suing you? (Learn more about junk debt buyers)
  • Does the debt collector have the proper paperwork and documentation to prove they have the right to collect the debt?
  • The possibility of negotiating a settlement resulting in a dismissal of the Lawsuit, and a complete release and extinguishment of the debt
  • The possibility of negotiating a settlement for less than the amount of the Lawsuit

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