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If you are sued by a creditor, debt collector, or debt buyer, don't try to go through it alone. Let us help! Creditors have experienced legal counsel working on their behalf. You need an experienced attorney and advocate on your behalf to “level the playing field”- one that knows how to defend and defeat debt collection lawsuits.  The Heritage Law Group has not only defended debt collection lawsuits on behalf of Florida residents for over 25 years, our extensive experience and expertise in this area of the law has resulted in the dismissal of thousands of debt collection lawsuits, eliminating millions of dollars of debt, with either no fees or costs from our clients, or, in certain types of cases, with no fees or costs, unless we win your case.

Debt Buyers

Commonly Known as “Junk Debt Buyers”

Sued by Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LVNV Funding, Jefferson Capital Systems, Absolute Resolutions Investments, Crown Asset Management, Cavalry SPV I, Credit Corp Solutions, Second Round Sub, Velocity Investments, Unifund CCR, UHG I, or other debt collectors or third party buyers of your debt? (See a List of Debt Collectors we Defend Against)

Debt Buyers, commonly known as "Junk Debt Buyers", buy debts that have been charged off by the original creditor.  Sometimes debts are purchased and sold several times among an original creditor and various debt buyers. Debt buyers usually pay 2-5 cents per dollar of debt purchased (only 20 to 50 dollars per thousand dollars of debt), and then seek to collect the full amount of the debt against consumers in cases filed throughout the state of Florida. They commonly purchase thousands of accounts at the same time and sue the parties they believe owe the debt. Thousands of lawsuits are filed throughout the state of Florida every year by debt buyers against consumers. It is important that you have a knowledgeable and skilled debt defense law firm, like the Heritage Law Group, to help you fight back.

The business model of debt buyers is to file as many lawsuits as possible against consumers and collect on as many as they can, as quickly as they can.

  • This business model often works if consumers do not know their rights or do not know how to defend the case - approximately 90% of these lawsuits result in a default judgment because the person being sued does not respond, does not understand their rights, or do not know how to defend against a debt collection case.

A debt collection lawsuit will also not go away and if you do not timely respond or appear in court you may allow the debt collector to "win by default", and the collector will likely obtain a Judgment against you for the full amount of the debt.

It is much easier to defend or settle a case before a judgment is entered. A judgment can only be set aside under very limited circumstances. Additionally, once the creditor gets a judgment, they have no duty to warn you when they take various actions to collect on the judgment, such as garnishment proceedings to freeze your bank accounts or the placement of judgment liens on your house, car or personal property.

We'll fight for you!

Debt Buyers try to avoid legal battles against experienced and knowledgeable debt defense attorneys, like the attorneys at the Heritage Law Group. Additionally, debt buyers often have a difficult time proving they are the legitimate owners of the debt, or they do not have the necessary documents they need to prove the case at trial. Sometimes they illegally file time-barred claims after the statute of limitations has expired, or violate some other protection afforded consumers under the state or federal consumer protection laws.

At the Heritage Law Group, a debt collection defense law firm, we focus on defending debt collection lawsuits and will aggressively defend and protect your rights. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation, during which we will discuss possible defenses you may have to any debt collection lawsuits filed against you. We will also review the actions taken by the debt collector against you for any potential creditor harassment claims which may be available to you.  See how we may be able to help you like we have thousands of other Floridians facing debt collection lawsuits, with either no fees or costs from you, or, in certain types of cases, with no fees or costs from you, unless we win your case.

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