M. Joseph Dickerson


M. Joseph Dickerson, Lead Attorney of the Heritage Law Group, and his wife, Debra

Lead Litigation Attorney of the Heritage Law Group

M. Joseph Dickerson, Esquire has been a resident of the state of Florida for over 40 years. Mr. Dickerson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Baylor University, and received his Juris Doctor, with honors, cum laude, from Stetson University College of Law in 1990. Prior to starting the Heritage Law Group in 1994, Mr. Dickerson practiced with litigation firms in Tampa and Orlando in the areas of insurance defense, and business and commercial litigation. He has been the sole shareholder and lead litigation attorney of the Heritage Law Group for almost 30 years. While early in his career, Mr. Dickerson specialized in the areas of business, commercial and civil litigation, he turned his extensive experience in handling often complex business and commercial matters, toward helping individuals and families facing debt collection lawsuits filed by creditors, debt collectors and debt buyers, after discovering that many debt collection cases against Florida residents were being improperly filed, were filed without adequate evidence, or were filed in violation of various state and federal consumer protection laws.  He has now successfully represented thousands of Floridians in debt collection lawsuits filed throughout the state of Florida.  Mr. Dickerson is a member of the Florida Bar, including the Trial Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar, and is admitted to practice in state and federal courts in the State of Florida.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Dickerson spent several years in higher education administration at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He is also the managing member of Heritage Cornerstone Property, LLC., a real estate development company that renovated a historic landmark building in downtown Plant City that now houses the offices of the Heritage Law Group. Mr. Dickerson's wide breadth of legal and life experience provide the clients of the Heritage Law Group with the highest level of knowledge, expertise and advocacy, and which translates into actual results.  Mr. Dickerson has not only defended debt collection lawsuits, his defense of debt collection lawsuits on behalf of Floridians throughout the state of Florida has resulted in the dismissal of thousands of debt collection lawsuits, and the elimination of millions of dollars of debt. 

Special Counsel Attorneys and Staff

As the lead litigation attorney at the Heritage Law Group, Mr. Dickerson is supported by special and "of counsel" attorneys, and a staff dedicated to competent, prompt and effective legal service to our clients. The Heritage Law Group has developed relationships with various outside counsel and litigation support firms throughout the State of Florida which further expand and enhance the legal services we provide to our clients. Mr. Dickerson and the attorneys and staff of the Heritage Law Group are dedicated to an overall philosophy of providing our clients with personal attention and a commitment to proven, results-oriented representation in the area of debt collection defense. The attorneys and staff of the Heritage Law Group provide each of our clients a responsive, innovative and efficient approach to the practice of law that emphasizes proven defense strategies to successfully defend and win debt-collection lawsuits on behalf of our clients.

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